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Names We’ve Recorded into our Personalised Stories.

What a fantastic Spring we’re having this year! It’s made me think about baby names we’ve recorded for our Personalised Kids CDs that are connected to nature.
As well as Flora and the French – Fleur there are many popular flower names such as Rose, Lily, Heather, Holly, Poppy and Daisy and the more unusual such as Petunia, Iris, Primrose, Bluebell or Violet.

We’ve had Apple, Cherry, Plum and Olive for the fruits with Ruby, Amber, Jade, Ebony and Crystal for gemstones.

There have been orders for the evergreens – Holly, Laurel and Ivy with just Rowan for the trees.

There’s Savannah, Ocean, Leaf, Sahara, Snow, Sky, Luna and Meadow with a favourite of mine – Seren, – a lovely Welsh name meaning “Star”

We’ve had Summer and Autumn but we’ve never had a personalised cd order for Winter or Spring.

That brings me to months of the year. We’ve had January, April, May and June but what about the other months? Julia or Augustus come from July and August with Septimus for September and perhaps Octavia for October but I can’t think of any for February, March, November or December. Can anyone else?

I wonder why we’ve never had a Personalised Children’s CD order for Emerald, Peony, or Peach?
We have recorded the baby name Robin but never Skylark; Dawn but not Dusk.
I’ve also realised that most of these nature baby names are for girls.
I wonder why we don’t name our baby boys after natural things?

I’d love to have an order for our Solar System CD (ages 5 – 10) in the name of Orion or a Wolfgang Meeting our Three Little Pigs in our personalised CD for ages 3 – 6.
We’ve had lots of orders for Beau in our Nursery Rhyme CD for the under 5’s but so far not a Bo Peep ! There again – we never know what baby name we’ll have next and although we have thousands of names recorded there are always new ones to keep our narrator busy!
At Barafundle Personalised CDs we can provide any baby name. Whatever the name every child loves to hear their name in these unique personalised stories.

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