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Personalised CD for the Royal Baby?

With the royal baby due to enter the world any day now, there has been fevered speculation as to the sex of the child and what the name will be.

Although many think the royal couple will opt for a non traditional name I think this is unlikely. Zara may have the option of choosing a more unusual baby name for her child but I think a more traditional name will be chosen for the future King or Queen.

I’ve been looking into royal names of our past Kings and Queens and the name pool is not that large. For the boys, Edward, Harry, William and Charlie have already been taken leaving Albert, Edmund, Stephen, Richard and John as contenders. Although popular names in the 60’s they would seem an unlikely choice for 2013.

For the girls, Elizabeth, Anne, and Catherine are taken but what about Cecily, Jane or Mathilda?

A recent survey puts James as the highest boys name predicted by the public, with George, Oliver, Thomas and Jacob following behind.
For a girl – Diana, Grace, or Charlotte follow the highest prediction for Victoria.

As Prince William will become the Prince of Wales at some point in the future what about a Welsh name for the royal baby?
Owain, Rhys, Morgan or Dylan perhaps. Rhiannon would be perfect for a girl as the name means “Great Queen”

Personally I put my bet on Charlotte for a girl and George for a boy. Both names are “current” and both are traditionally royal.

Whatever the name chosen Barafundle will be able to provide a personalised story cd or personalised MP3. We can record ANY name so even if they make one up the royal baby can have her/his own personalised story!

We’ll have to send them a Personalised Nursery Rhyme Land CD suitable for the under 5’s I don’t think the royal baby will be ready for a ‘Three Little Pigs’ story or ‘Solar System’ adventure CD yet !

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