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With Xmas approaching I’ve been having a ponder about Christmas and other seasonal baby names.

As we provide ANY name in our personalised cds, your child can have a personalised cd whatever season s/he was born in!

There’s Holly, Noel, Angel and Carol for babies born in the festive season while for Autumnal babies we’ve had personalised cd orders for Autumn, Apple and Plum.
Summer babies can, of course, be named Summer and Spring babies have the choice of April, May and June.

Our calendar months were named by the Romans.
The gods Janus, Mars, Aphrodite, Maia and Juno for January, March, April, May and June. with July for Julius Caesar and August for Augustus. February comes from Februalia – a time for purification.
As the Romans originally had a 10 month calendar, September, October, November and December meant the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th months.

Our days of the week come (yet again!) from the Romans, this time naming the days after the objects they saw in the sky eg Saturns day, Sun day, Moon day. The Saxons then came along influencing the names we use today with Tiu, Woden, Thor and Freya for Tuesday to Friday.

Saxon and Roman children would have had no idea about our Nursery Rhymes CD or Three Little Pigs story but they may have been very interested in our Personalised Solar System cd!

Any person searching for a unique gift for the under 10’s, our personalised story cds make an ideal Christmas gift.

Whatever name you chose for your baby and whatever the season – we can provide a personalised cd or MP3 story especially for your child!

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