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The Diversity in Baby Names

The office of National Statistics has published the latest list of registered babies names ( 2012 / 2013 ) and the name pool continues to grow!

At Barafundle Personalised CDs we’ve certainly noticed the trend for more unusual names over the years. As we will record any name into our Personalised CD stories it can prove quite a challenge!

Girls’ names continue to be more diverse than boys’ names but the trend for more unusual names for both is resulting in a larger and larger name pool.

In 2013 there were over 27 thousand different boys names used but over a massive 35 thousand for the girls.

Ten years previously there were 21 thousand in the boys name pool and 27 thousand in the girls.
Nearly 15 thousand more names in 10 years!

The further back we go the fewer names were used.

The most popular girls name this year is Amelia with over five and a half thousand girls given the name. The name Zyra has only been given to 3 girls.

The most popular boys name is Oliver with nearly 7 thousand given the name while Zyon was only given to 3 boys.

Celebrities can influence the popularity of a name, for example, the name Harper rose to over 300 after the Beckhams named their daughter Harper.

Singers with hit records can result in a huge serge in the use of the singer’s name. eg Britney in the late 90’s and Rihanna around 2007. The name’s popularity often falls when the hit records dry up !

The film Amelie released in 2001 caused a longer lasting build in popularity and over 1000 girls were given the name last year.

Celebrity names may suddenly peak but they fall quicker than royal names. The Royal names of Harry, William and George remain popular and remain in the top 10 for boys.

With the rise in popularity for personalised gifts for children, we pride ourselves on continuing to provide any name required. Any child, with any name can hear their name throughout our personalised CD stories and have the correct name spelling on the cover of their unique personalised gift!

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