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Many people are concerned these days that children don’t have enough opportunities to develop and nurture their imaginative skills. All the childcare blogs will emphasise how important this is for children’s development and empathic skills.

In the not too distant past children used to play outdoors much more, inventing their own games and entertainment. When children had fewer toys it didn’t stop play – children will use anything to play with and in some ways I think they were better off for it.

A child of a nomadic tribe in Kenya won’t have lots of modern toys but will still have plenty of opportunity to play. They will just have to be a little more inventive about what to use from their environment and create some game or toy with it – which they do!

We all know the children who – when presented with a gift – will play with the paper or box rather than the toy!

Hearing a story – without a picture book – is another experience many children are missing out on these days.

When a child listens to a story they make their own pictures. Today with so many children’s activities they are ‘given’ the pictures. TV, films, computers, ipads, and children’s books all ‘give’ the pictures ready formed.

I wouldn’t want to rid our children of these things but perhaps we should allow time for children to make their own pictures too.

This was the inspiration behind Barafundle Personalised Story CDs – Listen & Imagine.
Ten different children listening to our Personalised 3 Little Pigs story will each imagine a different Wolf and different little pigs.
Ten different children listening to our Nursery Rhyme Land CD will each imagine a different Jack & Jill.
I’d love to ‘see’ the pictures children create for Zartok and Orsen – their alien guides on our Solar System CD!

People have often asked why we don’t sell a book to go with the CD but we have resisted this because we don’t want to ‘give’ all the pictures.

Each child’s Nursery Rhyme Land will be different – personalised by their imagination.

To me that’s the most important personalised aspect of our Personalised Story CDs!

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