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I must give a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who filled in our Barafundle CDs survey recently.
We were looking at how parents engage their children with audio stories, kids songs and children’s games with the arrival of so much technology in the last few years!

Although our Personalised Stories are now available on MP3, our Personalised CDs are still our biggest seller. This was bourn out by our research. Despite the onset of phone apps and tablets – Children’s CDs are still used by the vast majority of our respondents – especially for car journeys and bedtime.
As well as using conventional CD players, parents also pop our Personalised Story CDs into the computer for their child to listen to the story.

Our respondents used Story CDs for children, as much as phone and tablet apps for children.

With so much available for children that presents the child with a ready-made picture, we are pleased that audio stories are as popular as ever. It’s a rare opportunity for children to use their imagination and create their own pictures!

Memory sticks for children don’t seem to be used a great deal to transfer audio, which is interesting.

We’d love to hear your favourite methods to access children’s audio products. Please let us know.

We can provide any child’s name on our Personalised Stories on CDs and have a good selection of children’s names available for immediate download for use on Children’s MP3’s or computer.

We’d love to hear your favourite methods to access children’s audio products. Please let us know!

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