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In Favour of Baby Showers?

The Baby Shower is a relatively recent celebration that began after WW2 in America – possibly connected to the baby boom.

Traditionally most baby celebrations were made after the birth – welcoming the new baby to the religion and society.
High infant mortality rates and the danger of birth meant these celebrations were made after safe delivery and often when the baby had survived the first month or 40 days.

There are a few traditional ceremonies in some cultures that take place during pregnancy but these are usually connected with aiding the safe delivery of the child – for example in some Hindi traditions a Mother in late pregnancy will have a “Seemat” celebration before being taken to her Father’s house for the birth.
In other traditions a “Pulikudi” will take place where the expectant Mother is massaged by the elder women and given herbs as gifts.
However, both these examples are linked to preparation for the birth and baby gifts are not given until after the birth.

The growth in the USA of baby showers was rapid after the 50’s and has become increasingly popular in the UK over the last few years.

Baby Showers usually take place after 6 months of pregnancy when female friends organise a female only party for friends and relatives to bring gifts for the baby.
Already this is changing however, with more showers extending the guest list to include the men!

There is much written on the Internet for and against the idea of a Baby Shower.
Critics feel it is a commercial import from America with too much emphasis on baby shower gifts. Is it better to give your gift when the baby has been born and see the baby.

People in favour say it’s a welcome opportunity for women to share experiences and advice with the expectant Mother and is better than overwhelming a new Mother with visits in the first few weeks.

What do you think?

These days, most parents choose to know the sex of their unborn baby and a name is often chosen before the birth of the child.
Knowing the sex of the baby can make baby gift buying easier and knowing the baby name means the baby gift can be personalised.
Time for me to mention that a Personalised Nursery Rhyme Land CD is the perfect baby shower gift!

What do you think about Baby Showers?

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