Personalised story CDs

  • ..... in Nursery Rhyme Land

    All children love nursery rhymes so will enjoy this exciting visit to the Land of Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty and many other well–loved characters. Full of popular nursery rhymes and songs, the story takes your child on a magical journey to meet Bo Peep and help her find her missing sheep!

    We can record any name.

    Suitable for under 5's. Length 37 minutes

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    CD £10.99 or MP3 £6.99

  • ..... Meets the Three Little Pigs

    Fairy tales are always popular and we have chosen the 3 Little Pigs as the theme for our second personalised CD. Your child can help the 3 Little Pigs find the big bad wolf to ask him why he keeps blowing their houses down!

    Many other fairy tale characters are met on the journey, including Red Riding Hood & her Gran, Cinderella and Hansel & Gretel. Is Mr Wolf mean and nasty or is he just lonely? No nasty ending in our CD story! They all make friends in the end!

    We can record any name.

    Suitable for 2 – 6 years. Length 41 minutes.

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    CD £10.99 or MP3 £6.99

  • ..... Visits the Solar System

    Astronomy is part of the primary school science National Curriculum so give your child a ‘head start’ with our Solar System personalised CD!

    To learn about the planets in our solar system your child goes on an exciting adventure visiting each planet in turn. Learning about the planets is fun when you’re taken on a journey in an alien spaceship!

    Your child’s CD companions - Zartok and his pet alien Orsen - make astronomy fun with their jokes, songs and rap rhymes!

    We can record any name.

    Suitable for 5 – 10 years Length 46 minutes.

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    CD £10.99 or MP3 £6.99

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